The Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics-ISAE (PERHEPI) International Conference driven by PERHEPI passion as active role in stimulating academic exercise and policy debates in food and agriculture, economic and development strategies and other related issues in sustainable development in general. As a professional association of agricultural economists and other relevant fields, PERHEPI is planning to bring together complex issues such as on how to strengthen the agricultural sector, improve allocation of support and resources for smallholders, and develop more inclusive and stronger multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The ISAE (PERHEPI) International Conference always include a diverse range of activities, featuring hot topic discussions from high-level speakers, small group discussions, pre-conferences workshops,  networking, and fieldtrip.

Every time an it is held, The ISAE (PERHEPI) International Conference is always presented with speakers who are very expert in their fields and always filled with participants from academics, practitioners, bureaucrats, students who are enthusiastic about presenting their ideas to the public.

Listed below are upcoming international conferences held in 2022 and past 2 international conference events:

→ The Upcoming 2022 ISAE (PERHEPI) International Conference

→ 2019 International Conference of 50 Years PERHEPI
→ 2017 International Conference and Congress ISAE