The Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics (PERHEPI) in collaboration with Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) invites scholars, practitioners, and students to submit papers to be presented at the International Conference of 50 Years PERHEPI. The theme of the Conference is Sustainable Food Future: The Roles of Integrated and Inclusive Agriculture.

The speakers who attended this activity came from agricultural economists who had international and national reputations. The PERHEPI International Conference presented 10 plenary speakers from the United States, Japan, and Indonesia. The following is a list of speakers for the International Conference of the PERHEPI’s Golden Year “Sustainable Food Future: The Roles of Integrated and Inclusive Agriculture”:
1. Prof. Michael Reed (University of Kentucky, USA)
2. Dr. Bayu Krisnamurthi (IPB University, Indonesia)
3. Prof. Atsushi Yoshimoto (Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan)
4. Prof. Sherman Robinson (Senior Researcher, International Food Policy Research Institute, USA)
5. Prof. Ryohei Kada (Shijyonawate Gakuen University, Japan)
6. Prof. Katsuya Tanaka (Shiga University, Japan)
7. Ir. Musdhalifah Machmud, MT (Deputy for Food and Agriculture Coordination, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia)
8. Dr. Ir Kasan, M.M (Head of the Agency for the Assessment and Development of Trade, Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia)
9. Dr. Endah Murniningtyas (Deputy for Maritime Affairs and Natural Resources at the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas of the Republic of Indonesia)
10. Dr. H.S. Dillon (Executive Director of the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Policy Studies)

Please find the material presented on the Plenary Session 1 and Plenary Session 2, and Plenary Session 3.


Participants who attended the main activity of the International Conference of the PERHEPI’s Golden Year were +/- 300 people, in addition to the participants who attended the IC50PERHEPI pre-conference workshop activities were +/- 90 people, high enthusiasm was shown from the abstract registrants A total of 66 abstracts entered and 48 abstracts were accepted for presentation in parallel sessions. the presence of participants who come from regions, both PERHEPI members and non-members.

Please see the documentation of the activities that have been carried out during the events: